Giving the Future the Present of the Past

A time capsule for those who matters when it matter the most.

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Let’s talk about the business of life.

Our experiences define us. Our victories, our failures, the lessons we learn, the losses we endure.

On the journey of life, we have experiences that turn into memories. Some fade and some are never forgotten.

Forget Me Not is a bookmark you leave on a chapter of your life. Tell the story, share it with the future you, or someone else. Build a library of moments that matter and a legacy for the ones you leave behind.

It’s not about death, it’s about life.

Use the app to create videos, record audio clips, or send text messages.

Edit and perfect, create slideshows and even upload existing content to be delivered by Forget Me Not at a future date of your choosing.

Creating and storing content for the future is as easy as it could possibly be
with the Forget Me Not app.

Our app guides you through the entire process to record videos and audio clips. Also, you can use content previously created and stored in your device. Without leaving Forget Me Not, you can even create and edit videos and slideshows.

Every single message you create, store, and schedule for your loved ones is 
treasured by Forget Me Not. 

Our commitment to our dear community is to allow them to be present in a deeply positive, loving way beyond their departure. We leverage technology to promptly deliver videos, audio clips, and text messages in a stable, effective platform.

Nursing Homes

Give the staff that takes such good care of our elderly the ability to share it. They can ask our seniors questions, record their favorite activities, and update us on their daily status.

At the conclusion of their stay, Forget Me Not will release additional content to designated loved ones comforting them over time.

Goal Setting

Teach your child the value and significance of keeping a journal and communicating with their future self. With Forget Me Not, they will be able like never before to utilize a system of accountability when creating goals and refining self discovery.

Archiving their progression and providing priceless insight to one day share with their own children.

After the Flag

When our brightest and bravest leave home to secure our freedoms, mothers desperately miss their sons and whether they admit it or not, those brave young men and women miss their parents too. This app provides our patriots with access to send messages of love and to stay connected even when otherwise indisposed.

If the worst should happen, FMN memorializes the sacrifice of your soldier’s honor with the respect and dignity that it deserves.

The Forget Me Not app is available on iOS and Android. 

Start creating the loving, cheerful messages your family, friends, and other important people in your life will enjoy in the future. 

Say hi and make them smile from the bottom of their hearts, a gift they will appreciate for a lifetime.

Get the app today.

Get the app today

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