About Forget Me Not

About the Product

Forget Me Not is the creation of a committed team with a clear, defined dream: to give people the opportunity to create powerful messages for their loved ones, messages that will transcend time.

Forget me not is an app that allows you to leave video, audio, and text messages to very specific people of your choosing.

These messages will be delivered on the date and time specified by you. Not only can these be delivered instantly or a short time in the future. These digital gifts can be sent even after your death. So months after you’ve passed, your closest friends and family can see you again. Hear your voice, see your face, and feel your love. With this app, you will be able to build an emotional library that your loved ones can access and enjoy, a resource that warms the heart and enrich lives.

Life is made of moments and some of them deserve to be preserved for the future days. These memories give sense and meaning to the relationships we have with our family and friends, with acquaintances, and with ourselves.

We invented Forget Me Not to celebrate life and the most precious moments.

The Forget Me Not app is available on iOS and Android.

The Forget Me Not app is available on iOS and Android. 

Start creating the loving, cheerful messages your family, friends, and other important people in your life will enjoy in the future. 

Say hi and make them smile from the bottom of their hearts, a gift they will appreciate during a lifetime.

Get the app today.

Get the app today