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Forget Me Not Enterprise is the ideal solution for institutions such as medical and care facilities

How Forget Me Not Helps Enterprise Users

Fully Managed

The facility can fully manage each individual resident’s access to Forget Me Not with the help of a central interface. 

Each resident will have an entry in the facility’s management system that allows the facility to create, schedule and send messages on the resident’s behalf.

Assisted Use

Each resident will have her own Forget Me Not account and will decide freely if she wants to provide access to the facility. 

This mode covers the case that a resident who joins a facility already has a Forget Me Not account and simply needs assistance with using it due to impaired vision or other medical conditions.

Mixed Use

On this mode, Forget Me Not Enterprise offers the possibility of a hybrid model where all features co-exist on demand. 

Facilities can then continue to use a central management interface, allowing residents to be independent but to receive assistance at any given moment.

Powerful Features to Help Residents with their Legacy


Facilities will enjoy a centralized dashboard view where to have a good look of all the residents’ FMN accounts and their needs.


Visualize everything that matters based on recent activity, management and migration requests, important dates for residents, responsible staff, and more.


Staff members will be automatically notified through Forget Me Not on residents’ important dates and requests.

The Forget Me Not app is available on iOS and Android. 

Start creating the loving, cheerful messages your family, friends, and other important people in your life will enjoy in the future. 

Say hi and make them smile from the bottom of their hearts, a gift they will appreciate for a lifetime.

Get the app today.

Get the app today